Because my interests are so fleeting, it can be difficult to keep track of all the wonderful things I encounter online. I created this page to bookmark all of those things. Enjoy!

02.20.2022 — This piece about the heartbreak that dwindling friendships cause, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer's interview re: the end of "Killing Eve," Aaron Edwards' farewell to one of my beloved childhood shows.

02.13.2022 — This trend (?) of people hiring others to interview for them, Blackwells Capital's wild presentation for Peloton, observations from David's three days offline.

02.06.2022 — This piece about Google Slides trolling us, learning about the Pansa Boyz, this recipe for Peruvian chicken.

01.23.2022 — About To Eat's "4 Ways We Use Champagne" video, Encanto's really catchy "We Don't Talk About Bruno," Kim Gehrig's "Strangers" commercial for Airbnb.

01.16.2022 — The evolving physical structure of multigenerational homes; Moth Minds, a conceptual platform for people to start their own grants program; this fever dream of a Michelin-dining experience.

01.09.2022 — Hand Mirror for Mac, these gorgeous wallpapers from Calico, Amanda Pinsker's page dedicated to the books she's read.

01.02.2022 — My blog about running 365 miles in 2021 (shameless plug), this thread about life before cellphones, and "The Making of a Manager" by Julie Zhou.