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Engineer-Turned-Filmmaker Nikita Hattangady Turned One Bad Day into Her Film Debut

Last month, I had the privilege of speaking with Nikita Hattangady after meeting her at the DFW South Asian Film Festival (SAFF) earlier in May. Hattangady, a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to everything related to engineering and filmmaking, is the writer and director of Falafel, a short film about a woman whose chance meeting with a man in a café changes her life. Situated at a wooden table right outside Mudsmith’s on a warm but breezy summer day, she and I discussed everything from the benefits of dabbling in multiple disciplines to Falafel’s British origin and how you can make even Dallas, Texas look like London.

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Jitin Hingorani Looks Back on Five Years of South Asian Storytelling in DFW

Jitin Hingorani, a self-declared serial entrepreneur, began the Dallas-Fort Worth South Asian Film Festival (SAFF) five years ago after noticing a lack of South Asian storytelling in the Dallas media market. He's one of the people who made my interview with Vikas Khanna possible at the Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF), which is how he and I met. We reconnected nearly a month after DIFF to discuss his rise as a businessman and media mogul, SAFF's fifth anniversary, and why it's important to have a film festival centered around South Asians in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

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April 17, 2019No Comments

Michelin Chef Vikas Khanna’s “The Last Color” Paints the Town Pink

Many know Vikas Khanna as a Michelin star chef, a judge on MasterChef India, or for his work as a humanitarian. However, this well-known restaurateur is now making headlines with his directorial debut The Last Color, a powerful narrative about India's Supreme Court decision to overturn a law that prohibits widows from celebrating Holi. Drawing from his own life's experiences and driven by the need to tell honest stories, Khanna addresses misogyny, India's caste system, and the importance of advocacy in this touching film.

Jitin Hingorani, Khanna's PR manager for
The Last Color, invited me to join them on the eighth floor of the Canopy Hotel for a private reception. With the Dallas skyline as our backdrop, I asked Khanna about the similarities between the restaurant industry and the film industry, India's rich culture, and why The Last Color resonates with so many people.

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Alex Chi’s Return to Dallas Brings With Him a Glimpse of LA’s Koreatown

With the 2019 Dallas International Film Festival in full swing, I had the chance to sit down with Plano native Alex Chi to discuss his most recent film with Gook director Justin Chon. Chi produced Ms. Purple, a tender depiction of the reunion between two siblings at the height of their father's terminal illness. On a warm Sunday afternoon in the lobby of the Canopy Hotel, we discussed the film's heavy themes, the nuances of producing, and the importance of elevating Asian American stories.

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